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Hopefully you won’t need us that often and yet when you do, you can be assured that you are asking a specialist, fully accredited, licensed and trained extreme cleaning team to assist you, your family and/or your client.

We’re trained and accredited every year to recognise and effectively and safely manage ‘Trauma Cleans’.

We’re licensed to use a sanitisation fluid with a Kill Log of 6, which is explained in our brochure, we have qualified NLP coaches on the team to work with individuals and we have comprehensive insurances.

Our days can be made up of eliminating the risks of blood borne pathogens by cleaning of bodily fluids at unattended deaths, accidents in the workplace or hotels or public buildings.

We can clean up after arterial bleeds, road traffic accidents and incidents in Nursing and Care Homes, we remove human and animal faeces from living accommodation and sanitise areas to avoid infections.

We locate and dispose of drug paraphernalia through needle sweeps, work 1:1 with hoarders and alcoholics and above all, which unfortunately is not always taken as seriously as the consequences could be, we help eliminate and avoid the risk of cross contamination.

Through ensuring waste is managed correctly, safely, confidentially and securely as per the Environment Agency regulations once we’ve done our job, properties, businesses and premises can be returned back to the occupiers, the family, landlords or business owners.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to safety. We do pride ourselves on our attention to detail. All jobs are visited before we quote and that quote comes with a comprehensive report highlighting areas for concern and levels of Bio Hazard risks.

We’ve grown the business in the four years that we’ve owned it from one man and one van to three vans and a team of six, creating employment with training and specialist knowledgeable staff.

Remember if you want to cut out the crap, ‘Call the Cleaners’ who are trained and qualified to handle the job.

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