The #PlymouthHour ‘Most Engaged Networker’ for February – The Cowlick Creamery

Hello all!

After a very busy February – it’s amazing how much can happen in such a short month – the #PlymouthHour team were very excited to host our ‘Most Engaged Networker’ competition again, on the 28th.

We had another wonderful turnout with loads of local businesses, big and small, getting involved in the chatter. With so many of you guys tweeting us and networking so well, it was pretty difficult to pick only one business to win the prize for February.

However, we did have to choose, so please give a round of applause for the latest winner – @thecowlickmoos

Based in Estover, Plymouth, the Cowlick Creamery is a multi-award winning artisan ice cream business, using only fresh ingredients to produce scrumptious ice cream for retail, wholesale and events.

Founded a few years ago by Chief Flavour Creator Carly, and with help from husband Rory, the Cowlick Creamery was created with a mission: produce the tastiest fresh ice cream around! Equipped with fresh ingredients, free from artificial preservatives and added fats, and her cookery diploma, Carly lived and breathed fresh ice cream until she had invented and perfected her flavours.

Now Carly and the Cowlick team provide their delicious frozen treats for weddings, events and festivals across the entire country! Make your event that little bit extra with an appearance from the Cowlick trike, handcrafted, painted and fitted with freezers to store fresh ice cream, ready to wow your guests.

Cowlick’s ice cream is so loved, in fact, that they work with the best hotels and restaurants up and down the country. Their bespoke flavours range from creamy, cakey desserts to refreshing and fruity sorbets. They claim they can make any flavour for your restaurant or event, so why not challenge them?

All their flavours are made completely from scratch, meaning the combinations and possibilities are near endless. On top of all the classic favourites, t
he Cowlick Creamery also have some more o
ut-there tastes on offer in the form of, Spiced Pumpkin Pie, Rhubarb Crumble, Chilli Chocolate and many, many more. If you like your dessert more booze-y, they also have plenty of alcoholic ices, such as: Prosecco & Strawberry Sorbet, Dense Dark Chocolate Stout, Classic Gin & Tonic, Pimms Sorbet and many more classic and unusual drink flavours.

Check out their website for a full list of flavours as well as info for stockists and events.

Congratulations again to the Cowlick Creamery for being a ‘Most Engaged Networker’ for February. If you’d like to see yourself on this blog next month (as well as winning a prize!!) make sure you join us on #PlymouthHour on the 28th of March for our next competition!

‘til next time…